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"Compassion With Dignity"
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Welcome to Communities of Hope!

We want to invite you to join us in bringing a message of hope and a demonstration of love to the nations.  We value your participation and partnership to change our world!

Fighting Poverty - "From the Inside Up!"

"What Is In Your Hand?" 
4-Day Small Business Development Training

 It has been demonstrated that one family owned micro-business can help 
lift up 20 people out of poverty!  This training and business grants enable
individuals and families to start up new businesses.  Invest in micro-business that will lift families up out of poverty.  

"Up-Lift Aquaponics"
                           5-Day Training and System Build

COH is teaching families "to fish" with new technologies 
that provide nutritiously dense vegetables and fish!   Aquaponics
is the union of Aquaculture (raising fish) and Hydroponics
(raising vegetables without soil!) in a closed-loop ecosystem.

"Growing Up!"

Outreach to children in schools and churches in the US that will 
educate students concerning the global issues of extreme poverty. 
Through “hands-on” study of conservation, agriculture, stewardship of 
resources and sustainability we bring awareness of what can be done to help fight this global giant. Help shape the heart of our children.

"Fired Up!"
Efficient wood fired cook stoves and ovens

Many families cook their meals on open wood fires.  Often times they spend
25% of their income for fuel.  These efficient "rocket stoves" can reduce fuel 
costs by 80%, are safer to use and cut down indoor air pollution and related respiratory ailments, and are ecologically friendly! Through our hands-on
training, individual will learn how to build and use their new stove!

Give the Gift of Hope!
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